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Sansec, headquartered in Beijing, China, is committed to information security solutions and services. Sansec focuses on cryptographic technology, offers exceptional products and solutions for PKI system, financial security, data protection and cloud security field. In recent years, Sansec has stepped up its globalization strategy. We pay a lot of attention to the international market demands and standardization of products and solutions in security field. We have joined international standardization organizations such as CSA and OASIS, which can improve our competitiveness in the global market. We are to become the first Chinese enterprise to pass FIPS 140-2 level3 for HSM(s). In addition, we have accumulated rich experiences and improved our capabilities in cross-cultural collaborations by working closely with IBM, Oracle, and other leading international enterprises.
  • HSM Crypto Card

    The Sansec HSM Crypto card is a high performance cryptographic security device developed independently by Sansec. This module comes in 2 forms, the normal PCI-E card and the cloud environment card which supports virtualization. Sansec’s crypto cards provides high throughput and various cryptographic algorithms but most importantly, it supports SR-IOV technology (A type of hardware based virtualization solution). SR-IOV support enables the card to have better resource sharing capabilities under a virtualized environment. With the urgent need for security within a cloud environment, the card provides hardware support for cloud security. The cloud card has already been widely applied within cloud trust server solutions, cloud secure storage solutions, and cloud HSM solutions.

  • Server HSM

    Sansec’s server HSM is an independently developed high performance cryptographic device capable of using different types of applications to perform high speed, parallel cryptographic processing. It can satisfy the application system’s signature/verification and encryption/decryption requests, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and validity of transferred information while also providing security along with a comprehensive key management mechanism.

  • Financial HSM

    Financial HSM is mainly used to achieve the host application layer data encryption / decryption, message source correctness verification, key management, is suitable for banking data security protection of an effective physical tool can be used for bank card issuance, ATM / POS transactions and other systems, can also be widely used in social security, public transportation, electricity, education and other industries

  • Cloud HSM

    Sansec’s SJJ1601 Cloud HSM is Beijing Sansec tech development company Ltd’s hardware product made specifically to fulfill the requirements of cloud computing. Primarily implemented as a hardware device, the cloud HSM can achieve virtualization of VSMs, each which can provide services such as encryption/decryption of data, perform signatures and verification, key management, maximize hardware efficiency, provide a secure connection service for computer network systems under the cloud environment, hence preventing acts of fraud.

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